Obesity and Overweight


Have you ever wondered why some people eat much more than you do, but they never get overweight, while you terribly gain pounds by just slightly flouting your food regimen? The main reason behind obesity in all people is slow metabolism.

Metabolic Types:

Thyroid and adrenal glands are two important endocrine glands of the human body whose functioning is vital for survival. Very important hormones such as triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxin (T4), cortisol, testosterone, DHEA and many others are secreted by these glands whose duties include regulating the rate of cell metabolism, regulating the digestive system, energy generation, protein production, tissue restoration, sleep regulation, sexual system regulation, and dozens of other responsibilities. The ratios of these hormones in people's body account for their metabolic type and rate. When thyroid and adrenal glands are overactive, causing hyperthyroidism, and hyperadrenalismrespectively, the personhas fast metabolism, whereas underactive thyroid and adrenal glands which cause hypothyroidism and hypoadrenalism respectively, will result in slow metabolism. In order for these glands to function appropriately and in a balanced way, they need various vitamins and minerals, the deficiency or overload of which can cause overactivity or underactivity of these glands, ending up in thinness, obesity or other diseases.

Our body needs vitamins and minerals to have a balanced metabolism, normal enzyme and hormone production and flawless functioning of its parts such as the digestive system, nervous system, memory, etc. The problem arises when human body faces the overload or deficiency of certain minerals. Either of these two situations can affect metabolism, disturb enzyme and hormone secretion and imbalance different body functions, hence leading to various sorts of diseases ranging from obesity and thinness to depression, anemia, hair loss, and many other undesirable situations.

It is worth mentioning that there is no such gene as the thinness gene, which is mentioned by some practitioners and nutritionists who can't identify the cause of a patient's abnormal thinness. Someone might be born from a mother with zinc deficiency; therefore, the newborn experiences zinc deficiency and mutually copper overload, which results in slow metabolism. This problem, having nothing to do with genetic causes, is merely linked to nutrition and can be resolved quite easily.

All overweight patients who have sent their hair samples for analysis in our laboratory suffered from copper overload and the deficiency in elements like zinc, iodine, magnesium, chromium, etc. To read the article on copper overload, click here!

Without regulating mineral ratios and the metabolic rate, which most nutritionists have no knowledge of, any dramatic weight loss is false and is accompanied by many side effects such as fatigue, hair loss, reduction of energy level, reduction of sexual potency, and many others. There are some people who go on strict low-calorie diets for months and lose weight, but after a while with just the slightest flouting of their food regimen regain weight and return to their pre-diet weight. In other words, these people keep themselves fit on starvation diets.


In Body Tune-up's therapy program, through hair mineral analysis, your metabolic type is determined and chemical and vitamin ratios in the body are measured and regulated. With their regulation, the activity of thyroid and adrenaline glands is balanced and this will consequently improvethe rate of metabolism. Regulation of metabolic rate leads to appetite control and a boost in energy level. Body then intends to burn more fat and convert it into energy. Meanwhile, with an adequate and varied diet, and if required an exercise program, you will reach your desired weight and body size, without taking weight-loss pills or going on strict unhealthy diets.

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Maria 42 years old lost 90 pound in 9 months:


Anna 38 years old lost 60 pound in 6 months:


Jennifer 23 years old lost 28  pound in 3 months:


Peter 30 years old lost 205 pound in 19 months:


Fiaz 28 years old lost 125 pound in 15 months:


Metabolic Types:


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