How to Start Therapy Program

You can start your therapy program with us by referring to us in person or by cutting a few hair wisps, filling in the required form and sending it to a Body Tune-up representative. All received hair samples are sent for analysis by mail to our central laboratory in the United States. Since receiving your hair sample we will need two weeks to prepare your hair analysis result and your therapy and/or fitness program, which you can receive in person, by mail or email.

In case you are willing to come to us in person, please cut your hair sample in advance, have the required form filled and refer to us with prior notice.

How to Cut Hair Sample:

First wash your hair with a mild shampoo and within maximum 48 hours cut the hair sample as instructed below. After washing your hair, do not apply any chemicals such as hair dyes, conditioners, hair loss solutions, tonics, etc.

The best part for sampling is the back of your head above the neck. Cut one tablespoonful of hair samples from different areas of this part of head. Samples should be cut from the part very close to the skin. If your hair is longer than 1 inch (2.5 cm), clip and discard the rest. Only the part of hair closest to the root is neededfor hair analysis test. Now put the sample in a paper or nylon envelope, write your first and last name on the envelope and send it to us along with the filled-in required forms.



For dear patients who are going to start Body Tune-up therapy programs for the first time, opening a file, hair analysis and therapy program cost 120$ altogether,and for those dears who are doing hair analysis test for the second time, for checkups and monitoring their health status, after regaining their health the price is 85$

In case you have any further question, don't doubt to contact us by phone or email.


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