Laica Pitcher



Discover with Laica the natural taste of purity


When it comes to the wellbeing of your family, you carefully choose foods and drinks of highest quality. Starting with drinking water - the most important natural element for your body - you want to make the right choice. LAICA water filters effectively improve taste and quality of drinking water at home in a convenient and cost effective way.
LAICA filtered water fulfils highest requirements tested by independent international authorities to give your the quality you deserve.


Laica Cartridges


The original LAICA cartridges (Universal, Mineral Balance, Nitrate or Arzenic) are designed to provide the best filtration with maximum quality and safety. Freshly filtered LAICA water is excellent for hot & cold drinks, cooking and helps prolong the life and efficiency of coffee makers and kettles.


Quality is the most important ingredient for water filtration, that’s why at LAICA we voluntarily obtain numerous independent certifications from international organizations plus strict traceability and manufacturing. Thanks to our medical appliance approach at LAICA, we always apply the standard of HACCP for production environment and high quality raw materials for our products.


The LAICA Fresh 1000 series is our entry jug with the quality you deserve, using the classic filter cartridge.


Manual indicator to remind you when to replace your filter cartridge.

Food grade quality materials conforming to LAICA’s strict quality control.

Jug is dishwasher safe.

Made in Italy.


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