Most doctors and nutritionists tend to suppress the symptoms of a disease rather than findits root causes and treat itentirely. In other words, in various diseases, instead of finding the root cause of why the patient's body has lost balance and is unable to perform its functions in the right way, they merely relieve the symptoms by prescribing chemical medication.

Our body needs vitamins and minerals for a balanced metabolism, to produce enzymes and hormones and for the flawless functioning of its different parts like the digestive system, the nervous system, the memory and other parts. The problem arises when human body faces the overload or deficiency of certain minerals. Either of these two problems can affect metabolism, disturb enzyme and hormone secretion and imbalance different body functions, hence leading to different sorts of diseases ranging from obesity and being overweight to depression, anemia, hair loss, diabetes, and many other undesirable situations.

For example, a person suffers from insomnia. This means that his/her body lacks certain elements that help to relax its different parts such as the central nervous system, the brain and muscles or has an overload of certain other minerals which stimulate the central nervous system and the brain, resulting in the person's inability to relax and have a good night's sleep. The fact is that using sleeping pills either herbal or chemical does not tune up body mechanisms, but by creating an artificial effect on the nervous system it induces temporary sleep. However, in time,body's mineral ratios gets further disturbed and the patient gets increasingly addicted to taking those pills, hence the problem is further aggravated.

Another example could be obesity and overweight which is caused by copper overload, zinc deficiency or the lack of other minerals such as iodine. Low-calorie diets or, even worse,weight loss pills not only develop side effects such as overall exhaustion, hair loss, nervous problems, etc., but they also evacuate the body from useful elements and further disturb minerals balance in the body. Have you ever wondered why some people eat much more that you do, but they never get overweight, while you terribly gain pounds if you just slightly flout your food regimen? Without improving the metabolic rate, of which most nutritionists have no knowledge, any weight loss would be fooling, false and accompanied by difficulties and side effects.

Usually except for diseases that have a genetic and viral cause, the rest of them occur gradually and as a result of poor diets, unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and using drugs, stress and anxiety and environmental problems such as water and air pollutions. All mentioned causes affect human body on one way or another. For instance, whenever someone is stressed out the adrenal glands come to body's aid and,by secreting different hormones, deliver the body from stress. This results in the consumption of high amounts of zinc and magnesium by the body. The persistence of stress and anxiety leads to a depletion of zinc, magnesium and many other vitamin and mineral resources. Among the preliminary signs and symptoms of zinc and magnesium deficiency are fatigue and listlessness, hair loss and in later stages dyspepsia, insomnia, sexual problems, failure of the adrenal glands, etc. More than 400 enzymes in the body need zinc and magnesium for their functioning.

In Body Tune-up therapy programs, the individual's metabolic rate is determined and their mineral and vitamin ratios are measured through hair mineral analysis. As soon as metabolism as well as mineral and vitamin ratios are regulated, the activity of thyroid and adrenal glands are normalized, which, in turn, speeds up metabolism and boosts up energy. With sauna therapy, improvement of liver and kidney functions, the surplus of metals and minerals causing disturbances in the functioning of different organs is disposed of. Finally, fitness, health and well being are brought back to you once again.

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